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Sugar River Outfitters

Sugar River Outfitters is in its inaugural season starting in the spring of 2017, but that’s not where its history begins. Even as the owner, I’m not sure I can say exactly when this started. It may have been as a toddler the first time my dad put me up on the stretched canvas of his hand made kayak back in the ‘70s. It could have been the canoe races at summer camp in the early ‘80s. It may have been the 14 days of backwater camping by canoe in Canada in the ‘90s. More than likely the most influential moment was with my daughter as a toddler herself. We spent hours singing songs and playing made up games under our overturned canoe, which I wedged between two trees riverside while it rained. It never did stop raining that day and we were soaking wet when we got to our take out, but I probably knew then more than ever before, this was what I wanted to do.

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