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John S Miller, Surface and Structure, and Meghan Sullivan @ Artisan Gallery

Artisan Gallery presents three new shows: 

Solo: John S Miller

John is a Madison artist utilizing several forms of print media to showcase the natural beauty of the Midwest in graphic rendering.

Group Show: Surface and Structure

 This show is featuring artists across multiple mediums who bring depth, texture, and form to the forefront of their work. 

In the Cooler: Meghan Sullivan - Swamp of Delusion

 In this show, Meghan is thinking about the ephemeral aspects of life, memory/memory loss, and how we achieve understanding. The title "Swamp of Delusion" is a reference to Krishna's description of the physical world in The Bhagavad Gita. In order to pass beyond this swamp, one must realize that our physical reality is temporary and we must attempt to have discipline and understanding in our actions.


Opening reception from 5pm to 9pm on Friday, April 21st. All are welcome.

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