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John/Christine Designs

Working in the finest of precious metals, gems, and materials, John & Christine bring strong design to fine jewelry making.

"We consider it a privilege to create jewelry for a client that represents a special place in time, to be enjoyed for generations to come."
-John and Christine Strobel

Located inside Abel Contemporary Gallery.

The gallery of John/Christine Designs will be closed as we pursue art exhibits in warmer places!  Please find us back in Paoli in the spring.  We look forward to seeing you then!

We are also available by appointment, please contact us at 608-848-7477, or

6858 Paoli Rd.
Paoli, WI 53508

(608) 848-7477

John and Christine are happy to announce their return to the Midwest!  We enjoyed our winter/early spring living and exhibiting at fine art shows in Florida.  This year our travels also took us to Atlanta, Houston, New Orleans, and Chattanooga.  While it was a wonderful adventure, we are happy to be home in WI!


Friday, May 11, 12:00-4:00
Saturday, May 12 - 11:00-4:00

Friday, May 18 - 12:00-4:00
Saturday, May 19 - 11:00-4:30
Sunday, May 20 - 11:00-4:30

Closed Memorial Day Weekend

Friday, June 1- 12:00-4:00
Saturday, June 2 - 11:00-4:30
Sunday, June 3 - 11:00-4:30

Friday, June 8 - 11:00 - 8:00
Saturday, June 9 - 11:00-4:30
Sunday, June 10 - 11:00-4:30

Closed June 15-17

Friday, June 22 - 12:00-4:00
Saturday, June 23 - 11:00-4:30
Sunday, June 24 - 11:00-4:30

Closed June 29 - July 1

Updates to our schedule will be made as they become available.